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About Us


ELK Consulting Group (ELK) is a firm specializing in the area of Tax and Non-Tax Incentives available to companies, which meet the eligibility criteria for these Credits and Incentives, established by both states and municipalities. At present, over 40 states offer some form of Incentives, including Technology based Incentives, Enterprise Zone Tax Credits and other related tax benefits.


ELK has worked with both larger and smaller start-up companies in securing valuable Incentive dollars. ELK has the professional expertise and experienced background in dealing with some of the Incentive projects done by numerous corporations, and has assisted companies in getting millions of dollars of Incentives, through tax credits, refunds, grants and other types of benefits.


Our Tax and Incentive experts have practiced in the Credits and Incentives (C&I) area for over 20 years, and we were among the first practitioners in this specialization. We have extensive contacts around the country with both Economic Development Agencies and Revenue Departments and have worked with the agencies and our clients in locating and securing valuable Incentives dollars in many cases.


Our Services

We are a full-service consulting group. See an overview of our services.